TGS 2017: Secret of Mana Remake Launches on 15 Feb 2018 on PS4 & PS Vita

Long ago…the world prospered and humanity thrived thanks to a power known as Mana. However, humans soon sought to use Mana to create the ultimate weapon—a floating battleship called the Mana Fortress. This greedy arrogance angered the gods, who in turn unleashed vicious beasts into the world.

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A violent war between the Mana beasts and the fortress engulfed the world in poison and fire until Mana had all but disappeared. In humanity’s bleakest hour, a hero wielding the Mana Sword appeared and destroyed the fortress. The world was left in shambles, and yet humanity persevered and there was peace throughout the land.

But as time passes…so history repeats…

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Secret of Mana holds a special place in my heart as one of my childhood all-time favourite JRPGs on the Super Nintendo, alongside the cult-classic, Chrono Trigger, also on the SNES. While using emulators gave me access to rekindle my love with game in this day and age, nothing beats having it legitimately on a current generation platform, and what better platform than the almost ubiquitous PlayStation 4 to launch the remake of Secret of Mana! It will also be portable via the PlayStation Vita.

Bringing the classic 2D elements into the realm of 3D, the beautiful world of Mana has been remade to present day standards, characters now have voiceovers,  and there are going to be additional content in the form of events and conversations to be had in the new remake. A fully rearranged soundtrack based on original composer Hiroki Kikuta’s work looks to add new life to the classic, and Square Enix is also adding remastered sound effects to enhance the experience further.

And yes, the game supports offline multiplayer on a single PS4, so you’ll need 3 controllers on hand. There are currently no plans to enable online co-op play as yet, unfortunately. As for the PS Vita version, players can co-op via the ad-hoc network, which should make for some fun get-together sessions while on the go!

To further entice gamers old and new, Secret of Mana will also have a really awesome Collector’s Edition, which comes in a special box. The contents include a limited edition pop-up nook, CD Soundtrack, and figurines of our heroes Randi, Primm, and Popoi, and of course, the game! So if you are as excited as we are, look out for Secret of Mana, which launches February 15, 2018 for both the PS4 and the PS Vita!

Actual sample on display at the TGS showfloor

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