Teaser Reveals Potential Captain America Cameo In ‘X-Men 97’

Marvel released a midseason teaser trailer for X-Men ’97 with more battles and sinister foes to come, and also hinted at a future appearance from Captain America.

War arrives on the X-Men’s doorstep as antagonist Bolivar Trask returns with a vengeance, and more Sentinels. Mr. Sinister isn’t done toying with Jean Grey and Cyclops yet, promising more nefarious plans brewing. We do get a scene of Magneto and Rogue sharing a dance, and quick flashes of more trouble for the X-Men.
captain america x-men 97

Captain America’s shield appears in the snow for a brief few seconds, landing right in front of Rogue, but we don’t see its wielder. This wouldn’t be the first time Captain America has tangled with the X-Men, showing up in the comic run of Uncanny X-Men in 2018 and other comics, and is said to have a friendship with Logan (Wolverine). X-Men ’97’s eight-episode run is drawing to a close, and hit a record four million views in just its first week of release alone.

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Could this be the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America? Until the final few X-Men ’97 episodes drop, it’s anyone’s guess.