Team Ninja Sets March Release For 'Wo Long Fallen Dynasty', Details Season Pass

Team Ninja Sets March Release For ‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’, Details Season Pass

Back in June, Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo made a surprise splash with the reveal of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. A Soulslike title that takes place in ancient China in the Three Kingdoms era, it was definitely a different direction from the likes of Nioh, and it played pretty impressively. And the good news keeps on coming, as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty now has a relatively early release date of 3 March 2023.

In addition to setting the release date, the developers also shared that the game will be receiving three DLC packs in the future. This will see new demons, scenarios, stages, weapon times, and more added to the game to give players more content to chew through. Judging from our preview, this will probably mean more deaths for anyone who is unprepared.

The content will be made available as part of the Season Pass, which you can get as part of the Digital Deluxe edition of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, alongside a digital artbook and a mini soundtrack.

Of course, if you prefer, you can choose the DLC packs yourself and buy them individually. As of now, buying Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty by 16 March will grant you the Baihu Armour, buying the Season Pass will add the Qinglong Armour, preordering digitally grants the Zhuque Armour, and buying the steelbook version grants the Crown of Zhurong and Crown of Gonggong.

In any case, any help will be appreciated, especially if Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty continues to keep up the standards of the studios involved in delivering a masocore experience. Coupled with the historical inspirations, the release date of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, set on 3 March, makes it ideal for diving into some challenging combat and exploring a familiar world through new perspectives. Best to start preparing yourself.