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Aladdin Trailer: Will Smith As Genie Is Looking Very Blue

Well, Will Smith certainly kept to his promise of being a giant blue genie.

Live-Action Aladdin Movie Reveals First Look At The Genie…And He’s Not Blue

Abracadabra, a first look at a whole new world...where everyone's favourite genie is not blue.

Disney’s Aladdin’s Live-Action Remake Gets Poster Reveal!

A glimpse of the magic to come.

A Bright Sequel is Making Its Way to Netflix

The thrilling adventure continues.

Geek Review: Bright (Netflix)

Orcs, Elves, Centaurs, Fairies, Magic, all in the modern day, what’s there not to love?

Netflix’s Bright Set to Shine December 2017!

When Netflix takes on Fables.