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Stan Lee Immortalized In World Of Warcraft As An NPC

Now you can scream "Excelsior!" together with him in Azeroth.

Hearthstone Releases Updates For Rumble Run

Get ready to rumble with Hearthstone's latest updates.

Double Whammy For Activision Blizzard As It Loses Second Executive In Same Week

Blizzard's poor run of form continues in just the first week of 2019.

Ex-Hearthstone Designers Assemble To Make A Marvel Game!

In 2018, the former director of Hearthstone, Ben Brode, along with a couple of his team members, left Blizzard...

Blizzard’s Discontinuation Of HGC Causes Furore Among Heroes of the Storm Pros

The competitive scene of Heroes of the Storm has bitten the dust.

Diablo 4 In Development, Code-named “Fenris”

Cancelled projects, new direction.

Save Up Now For These Official LEGO Overwatch Sets!

If your new year resolution is going to be spending less, think again.

BlizzCon 2018: Announcements Roundup!

All the exciting updates of what's to come for Blizzard games!

Blizzard’s Overwatch Gets An Official LEGO Bastion!

The first of many to come!

Overwatch Cereal Lucio-Oh’s May Be Amping Up Your Tastebuds

It'll come in Sonic Vanilla.