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The Return Of The Dead: Diablo III Necromancer Class Interview

If you haven’t been back to the world of Sanctuary in awhile, this is the perfect time to...

Overwatch – Anniversary and Game of the Year Edition!

Overwatch just got better - Celebrate the one year anniversary with more loot!

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 – More Than Meets The Eye!

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is a brand new game, and totally worth your time!

Destiny 2 – Bigger, Better, Battle.net

All you need to know.

Dominate Social Content Strategy using StarCraft Tactics

Expand from video games to real life!

Blizzard’s Chris Metzen Retires From Game Industry

Thanks for the memories.

World of Warcraft: Legion Interview with Travis Day and Adam Kugler

We met the two Blizzard developers who were in Singapore for the Legion launch party last week.

Warcraft: Game versus Movie

The richness and vibrancy of World of Warcraft, but the soul of Warcraft 1.

Geek Review: Warcraft – Wow. Just WOW

Ignore the critics, they certainly were not prepared for the awesomeness that is Warcraft.

Blizzard and Facebook combine forces to bring gaming to the masses

Play of the Games won't be the only thing flooding the Facebook timeline.

Geek Review: Overwatch

Overwatch might be the new kid on the block, but it has already claimed the throne for itself.