Switch it Up with these Essentials Buys for your Nintendo Switch

Now that you have gotten yourself that elusive Nintendo Switch (or not), it’s just the beginning. If you didn’t manage to score accessories to go with the console, you’re not using it to its full potential. From dying Joy-Cons, really small controllers, and worrying about scratches and damage to your new and shiny piece of hardware, here’s a list of items you might wanna consider in order to enjoy your Nintendo Switch to the fullest!

1. The Switch Pro Controller

Let’s be honest here, the Joy-cons are cute and all, but when it comes down to actual gaming like the hardcore gamer you are, nothing beats a proper controller the likes we are used to with our consoles. Get the Switch Pro Controller and you are all set for adventures in Hyrule or painting fools in paint when Splatoon 2 arrives

2. Joy-Con Charging Grip

The grip that comes packed in your Nintendo Switch box does its job of giving you a bigger area to hold while gaming with the Joy-cons. What it doesn’t do is charge those tiny controllers, leaving you to wonder when the batteries will lose their juice and leave you flailing like a maniac. Play and charge at the same time, so simple you wished it was packed in with the console at launch.

3. HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

HORI usually does a great job with its offerings for accessories, and this Playstand fulfils a need that the Big N may have overlooked if you are playing the Switch in Tabletop mode. Simply place your Switch in the Playstand and get the perfect angle, all secured and allowing it to be charged while playing, something that is impossible without the stand. The Playstand is also more stable than the kickstand that is in your Switch, so no fear of it dropping and scarring your precious piece of hardware!

4. Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe System Case

If you are planning to use your Switch everywhere you go (that’s the whole point!), then this is the carrying case for you. Not only can you store the Switch, the Dock, the Grip/Pro Controller, even the AC adapter will fit inside this powerhouse of a case. Furthermore, you will have space for your SD cards and Game Cards, even your HDMI cables can join in the fun. This is the ultimate way to travel with your Switch, you know you want it.

5. Joy-Cons

The Switch is being pushed as a great portable console that can be used for multiplayer easily. The Joy-cons are a big part of that, and we are a fan of its usefulness despite its small size. With two Joy-cons out of the box, you can already play with a friend. Why not add more and make it a party, even better, they come in properly paired colours now as well!

6. SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Card

The Switch supports storage options of up to 2TB, but this 128GB card will do for now. Unless you’re looking at a fully digital collection, this card is great value for its size and performs speedily and reliably. Get one, pop it in, and your Switch will be ready for any new digital release that will come later this year!

7. Digital Games

Not all games are available now at your local retailers, for whatever reasons. Getting the eShop set up and figuring out taxes can be an annoying process. So skip all that and get your games digitally, and for a cheaper price! Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! is only US$19.99 digitally while Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is available for only US$24.99! So save yourself some money and get them codes, and you can be sure you have plenty of space if you got yourself the microSD card we recommended.