Superman Artist Shane Davis Teams Up With Singaporean Wife On Merlion Comic Book Series

It’s not every day that you see the Merlion be the central focus of a comic book series. But when Singapore’s mythical lion-mermaid hybrid looks this good, how can one not pass up on reading it?

This souped-up Merlion is courtesy of a new comic book, Starlight Cats: Merlion Rising, co-written by Superman: Earth One artist Shane Davis and his wife Lin Yanzi, a Singaporean. They will be collaborating with Malaysian colourist Candice Han. The comic book will be launched as an Indiegogo campaign starting 27 September.

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Starlight Cats: Merlion Rising follows the story of a Singaporean kid named Rebecca, who befriends a street cat named Barnaby. Together, the duo form a formidable team with a pack of cats and harness the power of the Merlion to defeat a race of alien space rats called the Verkins. It’s Dragonball Z meets Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in stylistic fashion, and of course, is set in none other than the Little Red Dot itself.

Here’s the synopsis of the story:

Starlight Cats is an intergalactic action-adventure 48 pages graphic novel that chronicles the exploits of a little girl named Rebecca and the street cat Barnaby. The vicious rat-like aliens known as the Verkins are bent on conquering Earth, and only Rebecca and an elite team of cosmic-powered cats known as the Starlight Cats stand between them and universal infestation!

The trailer above teases the first book of Starlight Cats, which will feature 48 full-colour pages. Those interested in backing the Indiegogo campaign can pre-register to receive a notification for when it goes live.