Street Fighter 6 Teaser Trailer Reveals A Hulking Bearded Ryu And New Art Style

Capcom has finally announced Street Fighter 6. The video game company released a brief teaser trailer following the season final of the Capcom Pro Tour.

The teaser trailer doesn’t show any actual gameplay, but it hints that Street Fighter 6 will have a more realistic art style than Street Fighter V and previous games in the series. The short teaser also revealed a hulked Ryu as he faces Luke, the final character for Street Fighter V who was teased to be in the sequel.

Aside from the departure in art style, the latest entry into the iconic series also received an updated logo and a different title. Capcom has ditched the roman numerals in the latest title, going with Street Fighter 6 instead of Street Fighter VI.

With a teaser trailer out, fans can expect more announcements from Capcom in the near future. In other news, Capcom has collaborated with Magic: The Gathering to release new cards. The Secret Lair x Street Fighter is available for preorder on Shopee.