stranger things cafe in japan

‘Stranger Things’-Themed Cafe Opens In Japan But Only Until September

If you haven’t gotten enough of Stranger Things after Season 4 ends, you might want to check out this Stranger Things-themed cafe, if you are around the area in Japan. Japanese cafe Pronto has transformed its Shibuya Fukuras branch in Tokyo into a version of the Upside Down from 6 July to 9 September 2022, with its very own Stranger Things-themed menu, 3D trick art, and photo spots.

stranger things cafe menu in japan

On the menu are dishes based on Stranger Things Seasons 1 to 4. Among them are Eleven’s first burger and her favourite waffles, Nancy’s Halloween party mocktail, and a roast beef pasta plated to look like Demogorgon.

Parts of the cafe will be decked out in Stranger Things-themed props including a 3D trick art of Demogorgon emerging from a doorway, recognisable sets from the series such as the Surfer Boy Pizza van, as well as themed posters.

stranger things cafe in japan

This Shibuya Fukuras Pronto cafe will only be in its Stranger Things getup between 6 July and 9 September, so if you want to visit, plan your dates accordingly. And probably watch the whole Season 4 as well since there might be spoilers.

NamePronto Shibuya Fukuras BranchPronto 渋谷フクラス店
AddressTokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Dogenzaka 1-2-3, Shibuya Fukuras 1F東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-2-3 渋谷フクラス1階
Opening Hours9am – 10pm9am – 10pm