Stormtroopers Will Enforce The 4-hour Time Limit At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Move Along… Move Along

If you plan to visit a galaxy far, far away between May 31 to June 23, be reminded that all visitors will only have up to a maximum of 4 hours to remain in the soon-to-be-launched Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Anaheim Disneyland.

During the first 3 weeks after the opening, visitors will be required to make reservations online (which were sold out within 2 hours!), or book a night at any Disneyland hotel, in order to receive coloured wristbands for designated time slots.

We’ve been wondering how Disneyland will be enforcing this “4-hour restriction” on the visitors, and now we know. Stormtroopers will be “escorting” visitors with expired wristbands out of the Star Wars zone.

We reckon it won’t be an easy task, with the expected crowd, folks attempting to hide/cover their wristbands, pulling them out from the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run ride queue (which is expected to take hours), or even navigating through the crowds. And what happens if one resists the Stormtroopers? Will they be thrown into Prison Cell 2187?

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Open Call Audition for Stormtrooper Performers

Anaheim Disneyland is also running an open call audition for Stormtroopers to perform at Galaxy’s Edge. If you have what it takes, and fit the following criteria, May 24th is the day:

  • Must be between 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall with a slender to athletic build.
  • Must Possess “imaginative improvisations”.
  • Must demonstrate “high energy levels” because the role “requires physical exertion”
  • Must be able to work in the fully suited up Stormtrooper gear (duh).
  • Have to be available on Friday nights, weekends, holidays, all summer long and during peak operating seasons.

The open call audition will be held on May 24th Friday, 10am at the Onstage Dance Centre in Downey, at 11711 Woodruff Ave.

Good luck and long live the Empire!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens May 31 at Disneyland in Anaheim, California and August 29 at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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