Steam’s New Remote Play Together Service Takes Your Local Co-Op Games Online

A new feature by Steam has just been announced. Now with Steam Remote Play Together, you can play any multiplayer game with your friends from the comfort of your own individual spaces. Even if the game does not support online multiplayer, this new feature will eradicate that problem entirely.

Steam Remote Play Together

It’s still in the Beta stages but essentially how it works is that players can invite their Steam Friends to join their local co-op, local multiplayer and split-screen games online. It allows up to four players (hopefully more in the future) to join in on the action.

Only the host needs to own the game which is great because then friends can save money sharing their games. Once the game is installed, players would then connect through Steam Remote Play streaming technology.

Your friends’ controllers would work as if they’re plugged in directly to your computer and your voice chat and game volume settings will be in the same space for convenience. Only the game will be shared with the players, so you don’t have to worry about a weird message popping up on your computer screen.

Also, the host can choose to share or limit access to their keyboard and mouse with their friends. You can even play across different platforms such as PC, Mac and Linux. So if you have a local multiplayer game you’ve been dying to play, all you have to do is launch it in your Steam Beta Client now.

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