Steam Deck Hits Japan, Korea, Hong Kong & Taiwan As Valve Partners Up WIth Komodo

Steam Deck Hits Japan, Korea, Hong Kong & Taiwan As Valve Partners Up With Komodo

It is always good to have options as a gamer, with a wide breadth of experiences available to us on various platforms. While console gaming has always been an alternative to PC gaming, it wasn’t until Valve‘s Steam Deck that PC players had a portable option for their favourite way to play. Unfortunately, the rollout of the device has not been as widespread as many would have wanted, but in welcomed news, the Steam Deck will finally be available in the Asia, more specifically, the countries of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Komodo, a spin-off of Degica’s games division as a new, independently-owned company that has helped distribute Valve’s Index VR system in the region, is the key player in this partnership with Valve. The pair are looking at the end of the year for the first shipment of units to arrive in those countries, and interested gamers can place their online reservations now.

Steam Deck

The Asia shipments of the Steam Deck will begin in Japan, with additional units planned to ship to customers in Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the weeks immediately following. The prices are as follows:

  • ¥59,800 in Japan
  • NT$ 13,380 in Taiwan
  • HK$ 3,288 in Hong Kong
  • ₩ 589,000 in Korea

“We hope that gamers in Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan agree with us that the
performance and design of the Steam Deck make it a great way to play the games they know
and love,” said Gabe Newell, President and CEO of Valve.

Beyond its latest distribution plans with Valve, Komodo also develops and publishes games for
Steam, and will reveal its first in-house production on Steam Deck this weekend at the
BitSummit conference in Kyoto, Japan and in September at Tokyo Game Show.

“We are honoured to deliver Steam Deck to gamers in Asia, and look forward to showcasing it
and our first in-house game in Kyoto this weekend and at Tokyo Game Show next month,” said
Ricky Uy, CEO of Komodo.

It remains to be seen if other countries in the Asia region will be able to join in the fun. Considering the size of the market here, here’s hoping Valve finds other partners that can make that happen.