Squid Game Creator Changes Mind, Discusses Potential Season 2 Plans

If you haven’t heard of Squid Game yet, you’ve been living under a rock. The Korean series became the most streamed show in 90 countries and is on track to being the most-watched series in Netflix’s history.

Released on 17 September, the nine-episode series sees 456 people, all dealing with financial debt, play deadly Korean childhood games in order to win a cash prize.

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Although director Hwang Dong-hyuk initially said he has no plans for a second season, he has changed his mind now that the show has become a huge hit.

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In an interview with The Times, Dong-hyuk said he would like to explore “the issue with police officers” in the second season. The potential season two would presumably see a focus on the Frontman being a former police officer and how it lead to his role in season one.

“While I was writing season one, I thought about the stories that could be in season two if I get to do one – one would be the story of the Frontman,” shared Dong-hyuk.

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“I think the issue with police officers is not just an issue in Korea. I see it on the global news that the police force can be very late on acting on things – there are more victims or a situation gets worse because of them not acting fast enough. This was an issue that I wanted to raise. Maybe in season two I can talk about this more.”

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Squid Game did not reveal how the Frontman receive his role. However, a huge subplot was devoted to his brother attempting to locate him, believing him to be a player and not an administrator. Exploring how the character became involved with running the games would undoubtedly be interesting.

Until then, fans of the series can use these Squid Game zoom backgrounds whilst waiting for a potential season two.

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