Square Enix’s New Development Studio Balan Company To Debut First Game Tomorrow

Those eagerly awaiting a new game from gaming studio Square Enix will not have to wait much longer as its newly established action-game development studio Balan Company will be announcing its first title real soon.

Balan Company’s website was recently updated with a teaser for 23 July 2020, 1pm PT (24 July 2020, 1am SGT). Not much else is shared on the site apart from how Balan is making “preparations for the grand opening.” 

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As noted by Games Radar, the timing on Balan’s site puts the reveal just an hour after the start of the Xbox Series X games showcase, which could mean we could see Balan Company debut their first game as part of Microsoft’s showcase. 

Not much is known about Balan Company even after it was announced by Square Enix, aside from how it is an “action game brand” and will be composed of industry professionals, bringing together both in-house and external game developers under one umbrella. 

For now, we can only wait for Square Enix to lift the curtains on Balan Company’s debut game and show us exactly what new action game we will be getting.

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