Sony Launches New Sony Alpha a6400 and New Full Frame Lens

Say what you want but it is difficult to deny that we are living in the age of selfies and vlogs, with more phones being released with an inbuilt selfie mode and even better selfie cameras. That is not to say that cameras have been lax with regards to this, with more cameras released with built-in selfie modes and 180 degrees tiltable screens.

Introducing the Sony Alpha a6400, Sony’s newest next-gen mirrorless camera that boasts to have the world’s fastest autofocus speed, at 0.02 seconds plus advanced real-time eye autofocus which ensures that your subjects will always be in focus.

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The a6400 also comes with a 180-degree fully tiltable LCD touch screen and a new BIONZ X image processor that is reportedly capable of producing image quality, 4K video recording, making it the ideal tool for content creators to record their bread-and-butter.

Additionally, the LCD flip screen comes with 921k-Dots of resolution which allows users to simply and effectively frame their selfies for both stills and video captures. Hence content creators will be able to easily check and monitor how their videos or stills are composed throughout their entire creative process.

In terms of still images, the a6400 is also no slouch. As mentioned the camera comes with lightning fast autofocus and real-time eye autofocus, where you can further select which eye you wish the camera to focus on when in AF-C or AF-A mode. It’s a function we’ve seen in other brands and the tech is slowly trickling down to more affordable, mass-market camera models.

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A soccer player action shot using the Sony Alpha a6400.

With the interval shoot mode, you can set how many shots you wish to take, with an interval of how many seconds in between, then simple pose and let the camera do the rest. It can also be used to take time-lapse or just multiple shots for you to choose from to add into your album. To access the Interval shoot mode, simply click on the menu button and search for the ‘Interval Shoot’ mode button to set it up.

From there you can select how many images you wish to shoot, and select the second interval between each shot. The a6400 will let you know how long it will take to shoot the number of photos you have decided to input.  

It can also be used to take time-lapse or just multiple shots for you to choose from to add into your album.

Those interested in purchasing the a6400 can head on down to Sony’s booth at the IT Show 2019 happening from today till March 10 at Suntec Convention Centre where you can purchase the s6400 (body only) for S$1,299. The a6400 will cost S$1,469 and will come with a SELP1650 lens.

Aside from the new a6400, Sony has also released a highly anticipated addition to their G Master series of full-frame E-mount lenses – the 135mm F1.8 full frame, large aperture telephoto prime lens.

It is equipped with Sony’s most advanced optical technologies, and is built to meet the extremely high standards already expected from the G Master series of lenses. The SEL135F18GM offers extremely high resolution with exceptionally great looking bokeh, two qualities that are a signature attribute to the G Master brand.

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The lens also boasts an optical design that places extreme aspherical (XA) and Super Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass elements in the front of the lens to suppress all common aberrations found in a telephoto lens.

Sony has also used a unique Nano AR coating on the SEL135F18GM to help improve the clarity of images and to reduce flare and ghosting that usually occurs with backlit portraits.

With regards to the controls of the lenses, the SEL135F18GM has a number of professional controls to help enhance the ease of shooting for both stills and videos.

Controls include an aperture ring for direct and intuitive aperture control and a focus ring which features linear response MF for fine and responsive manual focus control.

A model shot using the SEL135F18GM lens, on the Sony Alpha 7 ii

The lens will be available at selected Sony Stores from April 2019 onwards and the pricing will be announced at a later date.

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