Singapore’s Central Perk Is The Wrong Friend to Have

Each of us have great memories of the TV show, Friends, but trust someone to step all over those special moments and be that one Friend that everyone hates.

The greedy one.

A while back, a couple of Singaporean entrepreneurs decided that they wanted to open a Friends themed cafe in Singapore. Naturally, many wondered if they managed to secure the rights for this endeavour.

We can’t say for sure what has happened behind the scenes but it seems that there is a price to be paid for being a faithful supporter of a sitcom that has been off the air for over a decade.

SGD1,000 (USD720).

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Hi Guys, It’s confirmed! The OFFICIAL Central Perk Cafe is coming to Singapore, to bring you the most authentic…

Posted by Central Perk SG on Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Yes, Gunther won’t serve you coffee and we doubt that Joey, Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel will ever show up, but you can be a proud member of a relic of American TV for a cool grand.

*Cue the canned laughter*

This is just about the worst way to honour a TV series, and an even more disgusting way to milk money from the ones who made the show popular in the first place.

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No one went to Central Perk for their great food or drinks (Monica remained slim remember?), and the actor who played Gunther, James Michael Tyler, was only hired because he could work the espresso machine.

But he won’t be in the Singapore store will he?

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So if you’re a fan, here’s what you can do with S$1,000:

  1. Buy Friends: The Complete Series Blu-ray Box Set.
  2. And take the remaining money and get some good coffee. The kind that won’t leave a sour taste to your mouth, or make you feel that a Friend just stabbed you in the back.


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