Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) 2016: Artist Alley Edition

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) and their booths might be one of the biggest draws for the casual crowd but such conventions also give indies a great platform to showcase not only their skill and also their wares too.

Having visited Artist Alley year in and out, the creators have definitely upped their game with much more emphasis placed on sprucing up the booths to attract your average shopper looking to spend a small penny leftover from the bigger hauls.

Everyone visiting STGCC should park aside some funds for the Artist Alley considering that these folks have made the effort to add much needed colour to the shared universes we all love.

1. Hrjoe Photography


If the name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps his prints in the back might. Can’t quite make it out? Here’s a closer look:

Based out of Jakarta, Hrjoe is making his maiden appearance at STGCC and what better time to actually get the signature of the man who gets his work shared by the MCU folks.

Make sure to buy a print and shake this man’s hand!

2. The Phoenix Orb Project


Quality Pokeballs that feel solid in hand to the point that I’d advise throwing them at someone as it really feels good in the hand. This is the perfect gift for all your crazed Pokemon Go friends out there.


These badges look great as well. While simple, these Gym Badges are perfect for anyone hipster enough to play Pokemon on a Nintendo 3DS and not on a mobile phone.


Do pop by and give them your support!

3. Wackymons


When Artist Alley is filled with derivative work, Wackymons stands out like a beacon of light.


While it might be easier to work off other IPs, Shenly Yee prefers to strike it out on her own creating a world of Wackymons that features Lofing (seen above) as the central character in this universe.


Not content on creating only one character, Wackymons contains seven characters with the latest one being Shiek. No relation to the one found in Zelda but you might turn your attention to the swirl on the top of its head for a hint.

4. zekezachzoomstgcc-2016-artist-alley-singapore-toy-game-comic-convention-2016-7-of-18

When it comes to toy photography, it’s tricky to get a context and caption that makes everything click. And even if it does, you might miss out on a critical piece of accessory to complete the story. Sunny Ang understands this totally having extensively dealt with many toys across a variety of IPs.


With no lack of humour, toy photographers should join Sunny as he organizes monthly outdoor toy shoots with other fellow enthusiasts. Missing a piece, there’s probably a member of the community that might help you out! Join them at Plastic Singapore!


5. Jrpencil


If there was a way to weaponize the creation of derivative work, Jrpencil has got the process down to the letter. When you have a chibi Mercy at your side, how can you lose?

Overwatch has been kind to these guys and many other creators found at Artist Alley but these guys certainly take the cake! Affordable prices for keychains that come with a post card of your selected design PLUS free stickers, this is one booth that keeps on giving!


There’s plenty of other highlights that can be found at Artist Alley, so do check them out and support a fellow community member with a small purchase!

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