Singapore Developer’s ‘Glyphica: Typing Survivor’ Masks Training Tool As Roguelike Game

Another survival roguelike (or survivors-like in some circles) hits Steam this summer as developer aliasBLACK announces their latest title, Glyphica: Typing Survival. The game uses typing to unleash devastation on foes and boasts hundreds of upgrade permutations to choose from as you test your keyboard mastery.

Think of it as a cross between Typing of the Dead and Vampire Survivors with a more modern aesthetic.


Unlike other typing games such as Epistory or Textorcist, which feature additional mechanics like character movement, Glyphica chooses to focus on typing and extracting depth from the what, when and where to type something. To eliminate specific enemies on screen, players will have to accurately type out the phrase to deal damage and, in turn, spawn bonuses to help them survive the constant barrage of enemies on screen.

A noted departure from other survival roguelikes is its minimalist aesthetics and laid-back soundtrack, which provides an alternative to a genre often associated with sensory overload and chaotic visuals.

The title also features a unique controller mode that allows players to take their game to the couch by transforming words into quicktime sequences when using a controller or a Steam Deck for play.

Glyphica: Typing Survival is slated for release in Summer 2024.