Persona 3 remake Jet Set Radio

Sega Leaks Reportedly Reveal ‘Persona 3’ Remake & ‘Jet Set Radio’ Reboot

Being able to play classic games on the latest and newer hardware has always been a welcomed option for gamers everywhere, and with Persona 3 Portable finally making the transition, fans of the franchise have cause to celebrate. However, an alleged leak of internal Sega materials from 2021 points to more cause for celebration, as it suggests a Persona 3 remake is in the works, along with a new Jet Set Radio title.

The footage in question is only about five seconds long, but it does show Yukari Takeba attacking an enemy Shadow with arrows. As for Jet Set Radio, a similarly short clip also shows a dancing character reminiscent of Beat against a cel-shaded backdrop. With both clips appearing alongside snippets from Sonic Frontiers, it could very well be exactly what it claims to be.

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The idea of a Persona 3 remake is not new, and rumours have been flying around for some time now. Unconfirmed sources have said that it is indeed the case, but an official announcement has not been forthcoming from either Sega or Atlus. Bloomberg did report that Jet Set Radio, alongside Crazy Taxi, has a reboot in development.

Of course, with all the leaked footage, it is best to take the news with a grain of salt. While there have been many cases of things turning out to be true, having the official announcement will put all doubts to rest.