Scarlet Nexus Details Tantalising New Powers & Character Dynamics

In just a short few weeks, Bandai Namco will finally unleash their latest anime-action title in the form of Scarlet Nexus. With a demo out now for players to enjoy and get a taste of the high-flying action, you might already be convinced of the potential that awaits in the game. However, there is always more to learn. Thankfully, Bandai Namco has heard our prayers, and have shared more details about Scarlet Nexus.

New information about characters and systems in Scarlet Nexus has been revealed. There is certainly plenty to parse through, but rest easy, we will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to details about Scarlet Nexus.

New Scarlet Nexus Character Details

With Scarlet Nexus being a ‘Brain Punk’ action role-playing game that features a dual narrative that revolves Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall, you know that there will be a stellar cast of supporting characters to keep you occupied. Here are just some of them:

Seto Narukami

One of the team leaders of the OSF and No.7 of the Septentrion, Narukami is a cheerful and lively young man. He is always ready to lend a helping hand to those around him and pays close attention to others. His insistence on working in the field has seen promotions turned down. Many look up to him and ask to be assigned to his team. Narukami wields the power of Electrokinesis.

Kodama Melone

Another team leader in the OSF, Melone is an energetic and eccentric character. While a wild card, she performs her duties without hesitation and with fun in mind. She can be devilish and extreme, so watch out! Melone holds the power of Sonokinesis.

Haruka Frazer

The team operator for Kasane’s team, Haruka is one half of the Frazer twins. Bold, energetic, and lively, expect to see Haruka use her powers of Telepathy to good use. Just do not tell her she is too boyish for her own good.

Scarlet Nexus - Seto Narakumi, Kodama Melone, and Haruka Frazer

Wataru Frazer

Similar to his sister, Wataru is also a user of Telepathy. Slim and often mistaken for a woman, Wataru holds little regards for social norms with his dynamic and rebellious nature. He takes particular pride in his duties as an operator.

Kaito Sumeragi

The Chairman of the Defense Committee, Sumeragi is the elder brother of Yuito. Even at his young age, he has risen through the ranks shrewdly and now heads the OSF. A sharp thinker and often seen as unapproachable, Sumeragi certainly fits the bill of a leader in special times. Due to civilian control, Sumeragi has no psychic abilities.

Joe Sumeragi

The father of Yuito and Kaito, the head of the Sumeragi family also happens to be the chairman of the New Himuka Council. Essentially, that makes him the Head of State. A skilled politician, Joe is also a strict father and extremely committed to his work. He has always been against Yuito’s decision to join the army, so expect to see some fireworks there.

Scarlet Nexus - Wataru Frazer, Kaito Sumeragi, Joe Sumeragi

Scarlet Nexus Details The Struggle Arms System

Of course, the details about Scarlet Nexus do not stop there. For the combat in the game, Bandai Namco is introducing the Struggle Arms System, or SAS. Players will be able to borrow the powers of allies in the fight against the invaders. Here are just some examples:


Scarlet Nexus Details - Pyrokinesis

Imbue weapons and attacks with flames using Pyrokinesis, granting increased attack strength and inflicting the Burned status on enemies. This will continually damage enemies while you keep busy with other more threatening targets.

Yuito will be able to utilise a aerial slam attack that creates blazing stream of fire, while Kasane can attack rapidly to create a pillar of fire during SAS activation.


Scarlet Nexus Details - Sclerokinesis

A defensive measure, Sclerokinesis allow players to harden their body to nullify enemy attacks. It also prevents cowering, which can be vital in certain fights.


Scarlet Nexus Details - Teleportation

Evasive action just got elevated. With Teleportation, you will be able to improve your evasive capabilities, or cut the distance between you and your foe in an instant.


Scarlet Nexus Details - Clairvoyance

Invisible enemies stand no chance with Clairvoyance, revealing their positions even in poor conditions. Players will also be able to activate perfect dodges more readily, which can open foes up for a Read Attack. This will deal increased damage and knock enemies down.


Scarlet Nexus Details - Invisibility

Vanish from sight and take advantage of your enemies’ ignorance. Invisibility allows you to explore, recover, and revive safely without the fear of combat.


Scarlet Nexus Details - Hypervelocity

Move at extreme speed that will be helpful in almost every situation. Let time be stopped and be your friend instead.


Scarlet Nexus Details - Duplication

Enhances psychokinesis attacks by duplicating objects from psychokinesis attacks. Plus, you can duplicate yourself! Increase the number of hits of your weapon attacks and show them who’s boss.


Scarlet Nexus Details - Electrokinesis

Shock the opposition by granting an electric charge to weapon and telekinetic attacks. Boost your attack power and inflict the Shock status. Attacking enemies in midair is also easier.

Special Objects

Your powers in Scarlet Nexus are not just limited to your mind and weapons, objects in the environment are also great for turning the tide. Objects can trigger a powerful follow-up attack, with the caveat it will take a long time to activate. Massive damage and status ailments definitely make them worth it.


Manipulate the bulldozer and crash it into an unlucky foe, just aim, and let the mayhem ensue.

Barrel (Water)

A barrel hurts, but a barrel with water hurts twice. Smash the enemy with the barrel, then draw the water inside and strike the enemy once more.

Scarlet Nexus is available for pre-order now and releases on 25 June 2021 on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox Series X|S & One, and Windows PC.