San Diego Comic-Con, E3 And Anime Expo 2021 Physical Events Cancelled

Just when you thought 2021 will be the year to go out and geek out, you’re left disappointed. The San Diego Comic-Con is going virtual again this year for the second time in 50 years – the first time was last year.

The event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 and will be replaced with a virtual event from 23 to 25 July 2021.

San Diego Comic Con
Comic Con 2019

The organisers are planning a three-day in-person event sometime in November, but it’s unlikely that a full-on convention will come to fruition until 2022. According to the announcement on Twitter, the organisers are working on refunds and rollovers where appropriate.

The San Diego comic con isn’t the only large-scale geeky event that’s cancelled. E3 and Anime Expo physical events have also been cancelled and will be moving online too (via Kotaku).

E3 typically draws 60,000 attendees whereas Anime Expo can attract over 100,000. Last year, E3 was cancelled wholly due to the pandemic.

Other geeky events that are likely to be cancelled or postponed have been shared online by the Los Angeles Department of Convention and Tourism in an extensive PDF document.

With an ongoing pandemic, it looks like geeks will have to wait for another year until the next big gathering can take place.

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