Rogue-lite Shooter Orbital Bullet Is Now Available On Steam, Adding A 360° Genre-Bending Twist

Orbital Bullet, the unique 360° rogue-lite action-platformer is finally available via Steam Early Access.

Developed by Assemble Entertainment and Smokestab, Orbital Bullet features a unique mechanic that utilizes a 360° view and level design for players to venture through procedurally generated levels to battle their way out of their enemies.

The game puts a spin on the usual classic platformers and offers you replayability with its one-of-a-kind gameplay, special dynamic skill trees, classes and all sorts of unlockables weapons.

The Early Access version of the game is already no less than a completely enjoyable 360° action-packed platformer and you can find our first 53 minutes of the game above.

Still, according to their Steam page, the game is likely to be in the Early Access period of at least one year and the final version will include several new features and more content.

Orbital Bullet is available on PC via Steam for S$13.