Ride Like A Badass With These Spider-Man Themed HJC Motorcycle Helmets

The amount of attention Spider-Man has been getting this week is no surprise, with the release of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Far From Home nicely closing out 11 epic years of cinematic storytelling in the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From Marvel Legends toys to skins in the Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game, there seems to be no end to showing the wall-crawler some love.

Well, we now have one more that will send the Spider-senses of Spidey fans who also happen to be riders tingling to no end. Enter the officially-licensed Marvel-themed motorcycle helmets by HJC.

The helmets we’re showing you are specifically the RPHA 11 Spider-Man and RPHA 11 Venom helmets. Sporting a lightweight aerodynamic build, these racing helmets are perfect for showing your love for Spidey, be it on the racetrack or even just riding casually on the road.

The helmets bear all the hallmarks of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man or alien symbiote. The shells on the helmets are made out of a carbon-glass hybrid fabric that enables them to take a lot of damage whilst remaining lightweight at a measly 1.46kg — enabling you to be as tough and mobile as the wall-crawler himself.

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In terms of aerodynamics, there are several closable air vents on different areas of the face, with roller vents on the crown of the head, allowing for a high amount of air intake which cools your head much easier than most other helmets. There’s also a lockable visor, and a spoiler on the back of the head to ensure you’ll be zipping along the road like the web-slinger in the air. 

Inside, you’ll find that the helmets are really nicely cushioned, with the padding made out of comfortable odour- and leak-free material that gives these helmets a longevity that can outlast even your bike. 

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Whilst the main functions of the helmets are identical, their designs are wholly different, to cater to riders of both the Spidey and Venom symbiote camps.

The Spider-Man helmet bears Spidey’s signature red hue, with his signature eyes gracing the top of the visor. This model comes in a smooth matte finish, much akin to Spidey’s preference for a streamlined look and feel.

The Venom helmet, on the other hand, is shiny and glossy, much like the symbiote’s glistening, organic form. The signature gaping maw adorns the top and bottom of the visor, and looks really badass. The teeth stop just where the visor begins, which is nice as your view won’t be obstructed by the paint job.

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The HJC Marvel-themed motorcycle helmets are available on Amazon for US$599.99. If you’re in Singapore and are concerned about conversion and shipping prices, fret not, as you can grab them from Motoworld Singapore (the only authorised distributor for HJC helmets in Singapore, FYI) for the flat price of S$700 (free shipping locally, since your order here would be well above the S$50 requirement).

But of course, Spider-Man and Venom aren’t the only ones that were adapted by HJC — there are several other designs you can choose from, such as Iron Man, Captain America, the Stormtrooper from Star Wars, and more.

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