Rick and Morty Goes Down Under In Michael Cusak’s Parody Episode For April Fool’s Day

April Fools’ Day is always a date to look out for and appreciate the originality and novelty of pranks. Sometimes, it’s not so much about fooling people, but more about giving pleasant surprises, and Rick and Morty sure has delivered on that front in 2017 with a pilot episode for its third season.

Fast forward a year, and fans were once again graced with quality content from Rick and Morty – albeit in an unexpected and unconventional way.

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Titled Bushland Adventures, the reimagined 11-minute reel sees a collaboration between Micheal Cusak,  the creator of popular Youtube series Damo and Darren, and Studio Yotta, the brains behind the ingenious Rick and Morty-themed Run the Jewels music video. This time, the titular pair turns Australian with their respective alias, Reek and Mordi, as they travel to Bendigo for a mysterious Green Cube.

Designed to be a parody, it’s hardly comparable to the stellar Rickshank Redemption debut in the previous year, and makes for a weird watch. In true Rick and Morty fashion, it’s likewise jam-packed with morbid humour, dry sarcasm, and dark, gruesome jokes – in one scene, Morty is bitten by a snake…down under.

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Apart from the tribute episode, Cusak has also taken to Twitter to share a brief deleted scene that was supposedly part of the Aussie-themed opening.


While it wouldn’t be a stretch to add Bushland Adventures into the canon storyline, it’s probably created only for the laughs. As such, it shouldn’t have any bearing on the show – which, by the way, is currently on temporary hiatus due to negotiation issues regarding season four.

In the meantime, do treat yourself to a totally nonsensical screening of this parody, available now on the Adult Swim website.

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