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Remedy Entertainment’s Control Is Their Weirdest And Most Brutal Game Yet

Remedy Entertainment is one of those video game devs that never seems to run out of (weird) creative juice. We’ve seen that in literally all their entries starting from Max Payne, getting increasingly more supernatural in tone and style with Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and now, Control.

Billed as an action game, Control does live up to the expectation as such. As the reluctant heroine Jesse Faden, you (through her) will come to grips with her newfound powers, as well as the gun, called the Service Weapon, which somehow magically binds itself to her.

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In its base form, the Service Weapon functions as a standard gun but comes with the ability to transform into about four other weapon types. So far, we’ve seen the likes of a crossbow-looking type, a full-auto minigun, and each of these weapon types shoots out different kinds of ammunition for different scenarios.

But that’s just the normal bit. The Service Weapon has also granted Jesse supernatural abilities that make her akin to something like Jean Grey from the X-Men.

She can take flight, use telekinesis to control (see what the game did there) either inanimate objects or enemies and fling them around like ragdolls. Like Quantum Break, these controls seem to be tacked on pretty seamlessly, but even more so this time. It looks as though Remedy has learned their lessons from the clunkiness of Quantum Break, and have intentions to, er, remedy those past setbacks.


Of course, the action is but one half of the Remedy formula, as their story looks to be the weirdest they’ve come up with. In Control, Jesse Faden does battle against the eldritch being The Hiss, which has taken the Federal Bureau of Control under lockdown and has been terrorising its staff. In this case, Jesse has to fight fire with fire, using a combination of her supernatural abilities and the morphing Service Weapon to fight against this entity.

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If you’re struggling to grasp Control‘s tone and feel, it’s essentially a weird amalgamation of Remedy’s past works; it’s got Alan Wake‘s supernatural suspense, Quantim Break‘s power fantasy in Jesse Faden’s mind and reality-bending powers, and a bona fide badass protagonist in Jesse Faden herself a la Max Payne. A Remedy’s Greatest Hits, if you will.

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Another cool feature of Control is that the voice actors from the previous games will lend their talents for the characters from this game, much to fans’ delight.


James McCaffrey and Matthew Porretta, who play as the titular Alan Wake and Max Payne respectively, will star alongside Jesse Faden’s Courtney Hope, who also featured in Quantum Break. If there’s anything fans love, it’s the feeling of spiritual continuity in a game, not just in the gameplay or lore, but also in the people that breathed life into these characters.

If anything, Control is shaping up to be Remedy’s biggest title yet. And the best part? It’s just a month away to release, dropping on August 27 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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