Rejected LEGO Ideas Projects Will Live On Via BrickLink Designer Program In 2021

The LEGO Ideas program has been a constant source of some of the most zany and creative sets ever conceptualised outside of the official LEGO labs. However, only 4 to 5, out of thousands upon thousands, are selected to be mass-produced each year, despite many other projects reaching the required 10,000 supporters for the crowdfunding to be successful.

However, there is yet hope for all the creators whose rejected LEGO Ideas projects have been collecting dust in the backburner, as BrickLink will be launching the Designer Program in 2021 to provide a platform for said projects to finally come to life, and be mass-produced.

In collaboration with LEGO Ideas, the BrickLink Designer Program will invite “select designers” whose projects that have amassed over 10,000 signatures in recent years to have their projects approved for production.

However, IP-based designs (this wasn’t specified in the blog post above, but we imagine projects involving official IPs such as Naruto and The Legend of Zelda) will not be eligible for the program.

“For a long time, we have read feedback and experienced the disappointment from both fan creators and their project’s supporters. While we can only produce so many official LEGO Ideas, we longed to find an alternative way see more of these amazing fan designs come to life,” a statement on the official LEGO Ideas blog said.

“BrickLink’s successful AFOL Designer Program pilot indicated that there was an interest among fans to help bring fan creations to life in a different way; making them the perfect partner to test the desire for this among LEGO Ideas 10K Club creations and their supporters.”

Selected designers will be contacted from January 2021 onwards, after which the BrickLink team will proceed with making these projects a reality.