RedMart Brings Out The Best Of Singapore With Four New National Day Snacks

In celebration of Singapore’s bicentennial, leading online supermarket RedMart has launched a host of tantalising new snacks for locals and tourists alike to enjoy over the upcoming National Day weekend.

These new snacks are infused with flavours many would recognise in classic Singaporean cuisine, and in good taste (pun intended). Geek Culture had the privilege of trying them out ahead of time, and we can honestly say that all four of these new bites are must-haves for the long weekend ahead.

So for your benefit, here’s a brief lowdown on each new snack that has come out from the labs of RedMart.

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RedMart Rose Bandung Cookies (S$6.90) 

Ah, bandung (rose syrup) . A staple drink best associated with curry-infused Indian-Muslim classics like roti prata and nasi briyani, the same sweet fragrance has been replicated brilliantly in these bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. For those who are already familiar with the classic drink, the fragrant rose aftertaste that we all love is also present in every bite of these cookies. Just remember to share it with your family or friends.

RedMart Crispy Salted Egg Cornflakes (S$8.60)

Salted egg has been all the rage in Singapore in recent years. One of the most popular iterations of salted egg comes in snacks, and RedMart’s crispy salted egg cornflakes are a welcome new addition to that category. Whether you’re munching on a single cornflake or stuffing your mouth with handfuls of it, you’re greeted with an almost explosive, crunchy combination of savoury (from the salted egg) and spicy (from the chilli flakes and curry leaves). Really amazing when coupled with RedMart’s Code Red Pale Ale.

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RedMart Gula Melaka Tea Cake (S$5.40)

Gula melaka (palm sugar) is another favourite ingredient in many local Singaporean desserts, and for good reason. And these new tea cakes take the, well, cake, with the tropical sweetness bursting out with every bite. The soft sweetness of gula melaka greatly complements the fluffy, spongy texture of the tea cake. Also, as its name suggests, it’s a perfect companion for a nice afternoon refreshment.

RedMart D24 Durian Puff (S$13.90)

Many people have a love-hate relationship with durian. Its exterior and its pungent stench hugely belies its creamy, silky-smooth flesh. RedMart has honed in on the latter part, and have successfully infused that into their D24 durian puffs. As its name suggests, the filling of these cream puffs is taken straight from the delectably sweet flesh of the D24 durians — a favourite among locals. A durian snack without the pungence of the fruit while still maintaining that fresh sweetness? A definite must-buy in our books, that’s for sure.

All of the new National Day snacks are available now on RedMart’s online store, or on the Lazada app. And while we’re at it, why not check out Singapore’s iconic Merlion in a brand-new Funko Pop! Vinyl figurine on our shop?

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