Ready Player Two Is Now Up For Pre-Orders On Amazon For A Steal

Ready Player One turned out to be an exciting geeky fest for moviegoers, but before it got the big-screen treatment, the Ernest Cline-penned work first enthralled readers with words on crisp pages. The adventures in Oasis are far from over, however, as the novel was earlier confirmed to receive a sequel on 24 November 2020 under the aptly-titled mantle of Ready Player Two.

Three months ahead of its release, Amazon has discounted the price for pre-orders, which went live during the very first announcement of the sequel. Instead of the original US$29 price tag, the book will now be available at US$19.23 – a relatively affordable price for a hardcover edition.

There has been little development on the details of Ready Player Two since its official announcement early this month. Plot details still remain a mystery, and nothing is known about the character roster just yet. It’s almost a given that the book will follow the events of its predecessor, though, which means more secrets of the Oasis are likely to surface.

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All that’s left now is the confirmation of a movie sequel, but that’s likely to only take off in the next few years or so. Given how Ready Player One quickly became Steven Spielberg’s highest-grossing film since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008, a part-two continuation would certainly make for an appealing prospect, especially with the team’s established experience in the book-to-movie adaptation process.

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