Razer And Genshin Impact Bring Us The Crossover Products We Deserve

In the colourful world of geekdom that spans the full spectrum of 16.8 million colours (like Razer‘s Chroma RGB), our choices of peripherals are a mode of self-expression, and also displays of allegiance to brands and titles.

Razer is a household name, making high-quality peripherals for gamers, by gamers. miHoYo’s Genshin Impact is a phenom of a mobile game, having banked over US$2 billion since its release last year in 2020. What better way to show your love for both than gearing up with the peripherals from the Razer and Genshin Impact collaboration?

First up, the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Genshin Impact Edition, the ergonomic wireless gaming mouse, emblazoned with the stars and suitable for fans no matter the Constellation they are specced into.

Second, the Razer Goliathus Medium Genshin Impact Edition mousepad, featuring the warm, welcoming, and friendly Paimon, so fans’ mouse will be able to glide around smoothly the way the players’ guide in Teyvat does.

Finally, the Razer Iskur X Genshin Impact Edition, the ergonomic gaming chair that offers long-lasting support, with a side profile of Paimon featured on the back. There is no one who will mistake where the fans’ loyalty lies with this chair.

Each product will also come with a bonus code so fans can redeem in-game rewards that include a varying amount of Primogems, Mora, Adventurer’s Experience, and Hero’s Wit.

Be updated the moment this Razer and Genshin Impact crossover collection drops here.