Raw Fury’s Strategy RPG Star Renegade To Launch On Steam In September

After missing its original 2019 release, Raw Fury (Atomicrops) has finally announced that its upcoming turn-based strategy RPG Star Renegade will be released on the PC on 8 September 2020. Not only that, the game is now available to wishlist on Steam

Developed by Massive Damage Games, Star Renegade which has players engaging in reactive, turn-based battles to outwit their enemies through interrupts, counters, and combos. According to Raw Fury, the enemies you encounter in the game will evolve and grow stronger after every fight, meaning you will have to develop new strategies to bring them down the next time you bump into them.

Apparently, you will also be able to form bonds with allies and even have children with them. Said children can then be recruited as members of your team to be the next generation of fighters.

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To celebrate the announcement of the game’s release date, Raw Fury has released a new trailer Star Renegade, giving us a glimpse of the game’s beautiful environment and characters, as well as a better look into the game’s unique battle system.

Star Renegade will release on 8 September for PC on Steam. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions of the game will release sometime in Fall 2020.

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