Is your phone battery draining faster than expected? Are you looking for a way to speed up your phone, or manage notifications easily? If you think there is no solution, then you’ve never tried the Purify App. Purify is a free battery saver and speed booster app designed to optimize your Android device in various ways, to make it easy for you to use your phone for longer hours without recharging it.

Its primary purpose is to extend the life of your battery, by killing the battery-draining apps that automatically open and run without your knowledge in your phone’s background. Also, it can help speed up your gadget, helping you manage notifications easily and allowing only the apps that you are using to run smoothly while at the same time purifying other apps in the background. By doing this, the Purify app does not only help extend the life of your battery, but it also makes your phone run faster, allowing you to perform a variety of activities that include browsing the internet, playing music and much more with much ease.

Battery Saver – How Purify App will extend the life of your battery

Most users know that running many apps will drain your phone’s battery faster. Another frustrating part is, even after closing these apps, some will continue running in your phone’s background. In addition to this, there are apps that you can’t access and open, but will continue to run in the background as long as your Android gadget is on. The worst part is, some apps will auto-start even after you’ve closed them several times. If these apps, especially the ad-supported and free apps continue running with or without your knowledge, they will kill your battery. There are only two ways to solve this problem – you either uninstall them, which is never easy most of the time, or use a battery saver and a speed booster.  I would advise you to use the Purify App, because you will still want to use most of these apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

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Speed Booster – How a purify app will speed up your phone’s performance

Two things determine the speed of your phone; the internal storage and the RAM space. The more space there is, the faster it will run. It is, therefore, important that you don’t download bigger apps if your phone’s space is limited. Point being, your phone needs more space to perform faster and better. Besides killing your battery, free and auto-start apps will also use up your RAM, further slowing down your phone’s performance and that is why you are always advised to have a speed booster.

The Purify App is not only a battery saver but also one of the best speed booster apps you will ever find in an Android Play Store. It will distinguish between the apps that you are currently using such as music, VPN and more, and those that are running in the background without your knowledge. It will then select the ones that need purifying and do its job. In short, activating the Purify app in your device will ensure that no app is functioning unless you are running it manually. If it realises that other unimportant apps are running in your phone’s background, it will stop and prevent them from auto-starting, freeing your RAM space to make your phone run much faster.

How to custom and manage notifications easily

It is easy to miss a message, a call or an important email if every time you open your device, you find multiple chat conversations, emails from co-workers, family members, spouse or even your boss. Most probably, this is a task you will only be able to do after office hours, or when you are free; simply because you don’t want to let it interfere with your work life. The fact is, today’s mobile phones are designed to collect and display all notifications immediately they are sent. Going through multiple emails, calls or messages, especially when you want to spend some quality time with your family can be frustrating, especially if they are mixed up with spams and other unimportant emails and messages.

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The Purify App is not only designed to function as a speed booster or a battery saver but can also help you manage notifications easily. It allows you to take control over everything in your phone, including what you don’t see, enabling you to manage notifications easily. With Purify app you can always put a stop to what you don’t want appearing on your phone’s notification bar, and prioritise what matters most to you. As a result, it enables you to select the most important messages, emails and missed calls, so that you can reply to them in time. What happens is that a notification bar that is customisable combines every other notification that gets into your phone, and organises them for easy reading as well as archiving.

The bottom line

It is hard to enjoy what your device has to offer if your phone loses its battery charge so fast, runs slow or if you keep missing important messages, calls, and emails because you can’t manage notifications easily. Purify App is simply designed to make your life much easier and fun, especially if you are an ever-busy person. It helps extends your phone’s battery life, increases the speed of your device and most importantly, allows you to manage notifications easily. If your phone is running much slower, the battery is draining much faster, or you keep on missing important notifications, and you are looking for a battery saver and a speed booster app that works, download the Purify App for your Android phone today and realise what you have been missing.

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