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Proofer Singapore Prepares For The Lunar New Year With Two Prosperity Pizzas

The Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and many Singaporeans will no doubt be hastily doing their spring-cleaning and preparing the ingredients for reunion dinner as well as the following gatherings to come.

And of course, there will be no doubt a slew of Chinese New Year-inspired food that will give one more options with which to populate their dining table. One such case is the new Prosperity Pizzas by Proofer.

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In celebration of the Year of the Rat, the Singapore-based confectionery has launched two 11-inch pizzas that consist of the flavours that embody the Chinese New Year spirit. Each pizza retails at S$14.90.

Let’s Bakkwa

The first is the Let’s Bakkwa. It is topped with a sweet, smoky and savoury mix of chicken ham, chicken bakkwa (salty-sweet dried meat jerky), shredded chicken, pineapple, capsicum, creamy cheese, sesame sauce, and a helpful sprinkling of chicken floss (which you’ll have to sprinkle over yourself).

The other pizza is the Bring Yu Prosperity, which is the seafood option. It comes with tuna, crab sticks, onions, capsicum, infused with creamy cheese and tomato sauce, which all come together to bring a nice, tangy kick to your tastebuds.

Bring Yu Prosperity

Other than the two pizzas, Proofer has also released four Prosperity Buns to add to its menu. Each bun, aptly named for the Lunar New Year, costs just S$2, though you can purchase a set of all four at S$6.

Clockwise from top left: Wealth, Abundance, Longevity, and Good Fortune Prosperity Buns.

They are Wealth (hard-boiled eggs, ham, corn, sliced cheese mixed with mayonnaise, corn, celery), Longevity (walnuts, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, raisins), Good Fortune (curry chicken, hard-boiled eggs, bread crumbs), and Abundance (tuna, mayonnaise, white and black sesame).

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The Prosperity Pizzas and Buns are all available at Proofer outlets islandwide, and are available from now until 31 January 2020.

Photography by @lupcheong.

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