Unboxing The ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ Collector’s Edition

Four years after the highly-anticipated return to Midgar, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is back with Cloud and his ragtag of rogues in tow. This time, the world is bigger and more alive than before, packing plenty of charm, grandeur, and style.

It’s only natural for its Collector’s Edition to inherit the same flair, and Square Enix certainly didn’t hold back from doing so. At S$529.90, it bundles in both digital and physical goodies, including a glorious 19-inch statue of everyone’s favourite One-Winged Angel.

Here’s what to expect from the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collector’s Edition:

  • PS5 copy of the game (across 2 discs)
  • Mini soundtrack
  • 19-inch / 48 cm Sephiroth figurine
  • Hardcover art book
  • Steelbook case
  • In-game bonuses
    • Moogle Trio Summoning Materia
    • Magic Pot Summoning Materia
    • Reclaimant Choker (accessory)
    • Orchid Bracelet (armour)

Wielding his trusted sword Masamune in hand, the Sephiroth centrepiece is easily the focus of attention, looming tall amid the flames. The figurine needs to be assembled first, however, with a small removable piece on the back allowing the impressively long wing to be slotted in. Alternatively, there’s the option to leave the silver-haired warrior as he is, but really, why would you?

Put everything together, and this is the iconic antagonist we’ve come to known. From the detailing on the wing to his outfit design, fans can feast their eyes on Sephiroth in all its entirety (lighting not included):

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches 29 February on the PS5.