Percy Jackson Live-Action TV Series Headed For Disney+

Many fans were left disappointed when the live-action adaptation of Rick Riordan’s beloved young adult fantasy series Percy Jackson hit the silver screen, first in 2010 with Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and next in 2013 with Sea of Monsters

Fortunately, seven years after the release of the last film, the series finally has another shot at a faithful live action adaptation as Riordan has announced the Percy Jackson books will soon be adapted into a TV series for Disney+. This time Riordan promises that he and his wife Becky will be involved “in every aspect of the show”.

In a post on Twitter, Riordan wrote that many fans have suggested that the series would be good for Disney+ and Riordan couldn’t agree more as the streaming service is targeted to a younger audience hence it easily eliminates two problems he faced with the film adaptation where Percy Jackson was aged up from 12 to 17-years-old, and the use of vulgar language in the script.

Being aimed at a younger audience means Disney will most likely keep Percy’s original age and eliminate any us of vulgar language.

Riordan and his wife also explained in a video posted on Twitter that the series is still in early developments and it will be following a similar structure to the books, with the first season based on the first book in the series Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Logan Lerman, who starred as Percy Jackson in the film adaptations has also expressed his excitement about the TV adaptation.

A release date and casting details for the TV series have yet to be announced.

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