Paris Games Week 2017: Sony’s Press Conference

With Paris Games Week upon us, the big opening act that is Sony and PlayStation has already begun the charm offensive. The makers of the leading console this generation has already announced their plans, beginning “with an introductory live stream featuring 21 game updates, including seven all-new game announcements for PS4 and PS VR.”

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So if you are excited like us, catch the livestream that will begin later tonight at 11 PM SGT for the pre-show, and at midnight for the main event!

No worries if you have missed the conference, let Geek Culture catch you up for all the announcements!

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Catch all the pre-show announcements below the main event announcements!

The Last of Us Part II

A dark and moody trailer set the tone for the grim world of The Last of Us Part II . It certainly doesn’t shy away from violence, and we catch a glimpse of several new characters that may or may not be integral to the story of Joel and Ellie. Still, it’s more than I expected considering the game is probably years away, keep the hype going Naughty Dog!


Peter Parker never looked so good! And Mile Morales too! Insomniac Games’ latest already blew our minds back at E3 2017, and this new trailer only cemented its place as the premier title to watch out for in 2018. Spider-man needs to be here now already!

Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream returns with even more story-driven content and hard choices to be made, will you make the hard one and live with the consequences? With so many possibilities, this looks set to be a treasure trove of replayability next year.

God of War

Kratos is back, older and better. With his son, Atreus in tow, the trademark combat of the series will return and be even more epic this early 2018!

The Frozen Wilds – Horizon: Zero Dawn

My pick for Game of the Year, Horizon: Zero Dawn will be expanded with the expansion, The Frozen Wilds, coming out later in November.

Ghost of Tsushima

Samurais are always cool, and this new release looks even better in action. Against a backdrop of death and destruction, revenge never looked so good! Sucker Punch returns finally, and I am already preparing my money.

Concrete Genie

Coming to us via Pixel Opus, the painting mechanic looks to be the differentiating factor that can bring your creations to life against the concrete canvas. Wield the magical brush of Concrete Genie in 2018.


Part of the PlayLink series of games for the PS4, developers Flavourworks bring live-action cinematics and place the burden of action on the player. More story-driven content is always good, and Erica looks to continue the good run of such titles on the PS4.

Blood & Truth

Become a one-man army and take out those who have been plotting against you in glorious VR with for the PS VR! Frantic action, solid gunplay, and an interesting enough story to boot, Blood & Truth should add much-needed content to the PS VR.

Far Cry 5

Hope County is only a few months away, and we got a closer look at the expanded co-op for Far Cry 5. Share all the missions, all the fun, and all the explosions this February 27th!

Curse of OsirisDestiny 2

A look at the new expansion coming to the already massively popular Destiny 2, the fabled Osiris will finally appear as you venture onto Mercury in Curse of Osiris coming this December 5th.

Monster Hunter World

Every time I see a trailer for Monster Hunter World, I am even more amazed at how this franchise ever left the PlayStation ecosystem. MHW looks set to be the return of an instant classic early next year, and the scale and scope should impress even the harshest of critics. You can even play as Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, neat!

Call of Duty: WWII

The mother of all FPSes returns with a distinct WWII flavour. If you are a fan of Call of Duty, this needs no introduction. But if you are a lapsed fan, this appears to be a return to form for the shooter franchise, and one worth looking into for the Zombies mode as well this November 3rd. The Resistance DLC will also be released on the PS4 first on January 30th.

On Rush

Get ready for the rush in Summer 2018, as a combination of bombastic vehicles and racing looks to envelop your screen.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

What more can we say? The space opera that is Battlefront 2 will bring everything you ever wanted back with more heroes, villains, and a single-player campaign unlike any other.

 Shadow of the Colossus

The remake of the cult classic, it definitely looks way better than I remembered. The world seemed bigger as well, and the many Colossi to bring down look even more alive than ever. Fans can look forward to slaying these giants in glorious visuals when it comes out.

Closing Sizzle!


Juan and the chickens return! Drinkbox Studios’ acclaimed action-platformer now has a sequel, and will be coming soonish. Look forward to even more satisfying combat, chicken shenanigans, and 4-player co-op platforming when Guacamelee 2 comes out on the PS4!

The Hong Kong Massacre

Coming to PS4 in 2018, this Hotline Miami-esque title will bring the Hong Kong triads into the fray and feature plenty of action and bullets! It certainly looks stylish and one to look out for!

The Gardens Between

Another adventure title with a great art style, fall into a surreal world and control the flow of time as a duo explores and solves environmental puzzles and unravel the mysteries of The Gardens Between, with a Late 2018 release window.

Loco Roco 2

Following Loco Roco Remastered, the sequel, now in 4K, will be releasing for the PS4 on December 9, 2017. With colourful visuals, that addictive soundtrack, and the cute little critters, get ready to roll around this December with pre-orders starting today (for the US store presumably).

The Sims 4

Expansions galore are coming to The Sims 4, so expect more things to buy, more activities to partake in, and toddlers! The 4 packs will be coming soon after the November 17 release of the game.

Tennis World Tour

Tennis returns to the PS4 in Spring 2018! While we did not get to see much of gameplay, with former developers of Topspin 4 working on it, it promises to be a deep tennis experience when it rolls by next year.


Coming to PS VR in 2018, we have to say the style of this shooter popped for us, and who wouldn’t appreciate the journey to become a god? I am definitely hyped to try this out for PS VR next year!

Bow to Blood

Another 2018 release for the PS VR, take to the skies, command your crew, and experience dogfights like never before in virtual reality. Do you have what it takes to be the king of the airships?



PS VR is on a roll! Forget realistic graphics, give me more of such colourful experiences, Ultrawings puts you in the cockpit of flying machines and taking part in different activities like shooting and racing. An open world game, the developers are promising over 30 hours of content!

Sprint Vector

Extreme sports in VR? Looks to be a nausea-inducing time for me, but let’s wait and see. At least it’s stylish, so points for that!


Coming in February 2018, this was the standout title at E3 for me on the PS VR. Now that we have the release date, all we have to do is wait to play this gorgeous dungeon crawler in virtual reality!

Star Child

We got more trailer action on the cinematic platformer known as Star Child from developers Playful. While it wasn’t really clear, it appears the protagonist will have some projection ability to navigate puzzles.

Not a Hero – Resident Evil 7

The Not a Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7 has been known for a while, and now we get a glimpse of what’s to come when you gain control of Chris Redfield for both PS VR and conventional controls. Certainly more actiony than the original, this is less horror, more Resident Evil 5. It’s free though, coming December 12.

Dead Hungry

Make fast food for the dead in VR! This one does not look great, but hey, if it’s right up your alley, all the better. Coming out tomorrow, October 31st, just in time for Halloween.


The homegrown pride that is Gattai Games’ Stifled, the unique echolocation mechanic has shocked gamers who got to try it out, and is certainly one of the standout games for horror fans to look out for. It will be released this October 31st as well. (Here’s hoping for an Asia release date soon!)

League of War VR Arena

RTS action comes to the PS VR on November 7. Reminiscent of a table-top game, lead your army and claim victory as you strategise against your opponents. You can even play against a friend using the Dualshock 4 and the PS VR headset.

Monsters of the Deep/Episode Ignis -Final Fantasy XV

The standalone game that is releasing on November 21st, if you liked the fishing mini-game in Final Fantasy XV, now you can do it all in VR. Characters and locales from the RPG will be returning for this spinoff, and look forward to some deep customization when you get your hands on it.

Episode Ignis was also shown off, weaving in moments from the story and taking the perspective of the bespectacled Ignis when he was separated from the main group, it is familiar ground for anyone who had played FF XV and will fill in the story gap for fans. Bonus: Yasunori Mitsuda of Chrono Trigger is the guest composer for this DLC!


Featuring the artist known as Avicii, this music rhythm game seems to echo the classic Amplitude with its flashing lights and a thumping soundtrack. First revealed at last year’s Paris Games Week, look forward to Invector coming to PS4.


Journey anyone? Bearing a more slight resemblance of that classic, I look forward to flying around as a dragon, exploring and solving the mystery of the Titans in the clouds today!

Spelunky 2

Definitely the pick of the bunch from the pre-show, Spelunky 2 looks to bring back more of that rogue-lite action that is beloved by so many. Treasures await the descendants of our original hero, and I cannot wait to jump back in and die over and over again.

That wraps up our coverage of all things PlayStation for Paris Games Week, let us know what got you most excited in the comments below!

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