Top Gun: Maverick

Paramount Feels Need For Speed With Return To Danger Zone In ‘Top Gun 3′

Tom Cruise, fresh from signing a non-exclusive deal with Warner Bros. Discovery, is reportedly gearing up for another project with Paramount with Top Gun 3.

Puck News indicates that Top Gun 3 is currently in development, with Top Gun: Maverick co-writer Ehren Kruger penning a new script. This highly anticipated sequel is expected to see Cruise reunite with co-stars Miles Teller and Glen Powell, along with producers Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison. Joseph Kosinski, director of Maverick, is rumored to either direct or produce the new installment.

Top Gun: Maverick

Cruise’s busy schedule also includes shooting Mission: Impossible 8 for Paramount and an upcoming outer space film in collaboration with NASA, directed by Doug Liman and under Universal’s banner. Top Gun 3 might be Cruise’s next big project after wrapping up Mission: Impossible 8, but with his packed schedule, any Warner Bros projects might be delayed for a couple of years.

Top Gun: Maverick not only became the highest-grossing movie of Cruise’s career, earning US$1.49 billion, but also garnered significant acclaim. It bagged an Oscar for Best Sound and received six Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture. The success of Maverick highlights Cruise’s enduring star power and the franchise’s massive appeal.

The recent news of Cruise’s deal with Warner Bros. Discovery has raised questions about how it might impact his involvement with Paramount. This deal allows Cruise to develop both original and franchise feature films alongside Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group’s Co-Chairs and CEOs Michael De Luca & Pam Abdy. Despite this, Paramount seems determined to continue the Top Gun legacy with a third film. However, given the development timeline and Cruise’s existing commitments, it might be some time before Top Gun 3 takes to the skies.

miles teller and tom cruise in top gun maverick