OneOdio Monitor 60 Puts Professional-Grade Monitor Headphones In Reach Of Just About Everyone

In a market saturated with all sorts of audio equipment, gadgets, and gear, it can be difficult to evaluate the quality of one product over another. However, the moment a brand uses the word ‘professional’ in a product model, you know it is going to withstand the most stringent of scrutiny, and live up to a higher tier of expectations.

The OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Monitor Wired Headphones are built for top audio pros, DJs, and audiophiles. It has a Sony Hi-Res Audio verification, which means that it meets the industry benchmark for reference audio sound and accurate sound reproduction. It is a workhorse meant for people who make a living through audio. The Monitor 60 is also made as an ideal studio monitoring headphones, suitable for recording, post-production, and broadcasting. Not only is it a workhorse, it is a highly versatile one, able to cater to the needs of a multitude of vocations.

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With the frequency range of 20Hz to 40KHz, the Monitor 60 is able to play the entire spectrum of the human audible range, and then some. This means that the Monitor 60 will definitely be able to play sounds that span the entire human frequency range easily, which is one of the marks of a true professional-grade gadget.

With an impedance of 38 Ohms, this makes the Monitor 60 a set of low impedance headphones, which means that it efficiently reproduces good sound quality even through a low voltage device. It also means that the sound will be robust, accurately representing the source. Along with its 110 + 3 Db of sensitivity, this puts it at a more sensitive range for headphones, and as such won’t take much to reach a comfortable listening volume. This combination of specs also means that the Monitor 60 pairs well with portable devices, and as such boasts extra versatility for the professional who is always on the move.

Naturally, the star of the show is its 50mm drivers, delivering a rich and deep audio experience, letting the user hear every single teeny little detail in whatever they’re listening to. And of course, the audio quality is of utmost importance but so is the comfort of the user. The ergonomic design of the Monitor 60, with soft leather-like earpads, high protein memory earmuffs, and large cup size, ensures that the sublimity of the sound is backed by absolute comfort of the device.

All that professional goodness for just US$79.99? It’s a steal. If you’re looking for a solid, reliable, robust pair of monitor wired headphones, look no further.