‘One Piece’ Showrunner Is Writing Dr. Kureha For Jamie Lee Curtis, Updates On Season 2

The Straw Hat Pirates are setting sail soon! One Piece showrunner Matt Owens has revealed that writing for season two has resumed following the end of the WGA strike.

“We did start our Season 2 writers room for a little bit before the strike. We didn’t get much further than starting to plan out what the season is going to be and got a couple of outlines done. But that’s as far as we got. So there are not actually any scripts for the season that are done. It’s still going to take some time,” shared Owens. “The writers room is up and running, yes, getting scripts done so that we can get into design work, scheduling and pre-production, all of that kind of stuff.”

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Part of that writing, includes writing the character of Doctor Kureha, a role Owens is manifesting will go to actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

“We have opportunities to stunt cast some roles, some rules that are very important, and it came out that Jamie Lee Curtis is a One Piece fan. As soon as she said that, we were like, okay, we have to try and get her on the show. What can we do? And Doctor Kureha, very luckily, is a character who is coming up in our story, and is someone who is perfect for Jamie Lee Curtis,” said Owens.

“After she won her Oscar, the writers room sent her a figure of Doctor Kureha with a nice note that said, ‘Congratulations on your statue, here’s another one to put next to it. Hope to speak to you soon.'”

Turns out, the feelings are mutual. Curtis posted a plea on Instagram to play Doctor Kureha, gaining plenty of fan interest.

“When she reposted that, it got a lot of fan interest, and I commented on it. We’re trying to manifest it. Yes, as of right now, SAG is still striking so there have not been real conversations. But as soon as there can be, I’m ready. I will take her out to dinner, we’ll talk about it. We’ll do all of it because at this point we’re writing for her — we really, really want her to come and play with us in Season 2,” said Owens.

Additionally, the showrunner teased that the second season will see others try to put a stop to Luffy. One of whom could be the shadowy figure fans saw in the One Piece season one finale.

one piece netflix

“Season 1 ends with Luffy gaining notoriety. And while it’s something that he wants — he wants to be taken seriously as a pirate in this world — as Nami and Zoro say, this is putting a target on your back. A lot of people are going to know you and know your face. And so that tag at the end is really reinforcing that idea that there are people who now know of Luffy’s existence, and they’re going to try to put a stop to him,” shared Owens.

“That character in the end is a very important character moving into our next season, and as Garp says to [Luffy] as well, you’re on your own. While Garp may have been the Marine who was testing Luffy, not every Marine is going to give him any leeway because of who his grandfather might be. And so we’re going to see this very powerful, very driven marine as a major antagonist moving forward in the story.”

Season one of One Piece is now streaming on Netflix.