Official Star Wars Drones That Can Shoot At Each Other? Impressive… Most Impressive.

Over the past year, we’ve been introduced to Air Hogs’ range of Star Wars Drones the likes of the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing vs Death Star set, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter set, Speeder Bike and more. There’s even an XL version of the Millennium Falcon clocking in at US$200+. It’s time hand over the reigns to the new kid on the block.

UK-based drone company Propel will be launching their highly sought after range of offical Star Wars drones this fall. Four “battle quads” will be rolled out at launch, comprising of the Millenium Falcon, a Speeder Bike, an X-Wing Starfighter, and of course Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced X1. They are all quad drones, meaning they come equip with 4 propellers (transparent, and placed at the bottom), and get this, they’ll even be outfitted with lasers and sensors. Not only that, the drones will be able to perform 360 degree aerobatic stunts using reverse propulsion. Each ship will soar at speeds of up to 35 MPH, but naturally, the Millennium Falcon max out at 50 MPH. Not quite making the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs, but it’s still got it where it counts!

Here’s the best bit, you’ll even be able to recreate your own Death Star Assault or Speeder Bike chase on Endor with up to 24 pilots. Each drone can absorb up to 3 laser hits, which will vibrate your controller each time you take a hit. Drones that “get hit” 3 times will automatically spiral to the ground. Could this be the future of competitive drone dogfights?


“You have the combination of something that’s really detailed and collectible, which really appeals to the true Star Wars fan, but it also performs,” says Propel CEO Darren Matloff. “That’s never happened before.”

I’m sold purely on how each battle quad is extremely detailed, hand painted to model quality finish, certified, numbered and packed in a really sexy, light-up collectible display box. I mean, just look at them.





Each drone should cost within the range of US$200 to US$300, and should be launching in Europe, Africa and the Middle East first, just in time for the holiday season. No news about an Asia launch sadly. Also, there are currently no plans to launch in US and Canada, probably due to Air Hogs’ exclusive licensing maybe? Propel is currently taking pre-orders on their official site, with no obligation to purchase yet. So go ahead and reserve yours, I know I will!

Want to see the drones in action? Check out this footage from Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 earlier this year: