Office Chair Race Rolls Into GameStart 2016

Singapore’s Formula 1 race might be over, but the Grand Prix of office races has just begun. Forget fun runs, obstacle courses and half marathons, as Singapore looks set to host its very own Office Chair Race.

GameStart Asia, together with Secretlab, the Singapore start-up that makes luxury chairs for homes and offices, are teaming up to bring the highly popular racing chair speed run here for GameStart 2016.

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If you’re wondering what an office chair race is, then you might have missed these. The race originated in Japan and it has since surfaced in Taiwan, Germany and other parts of the world, where there are office workers.


One key difference is that this race, like most things in sunny Singapore, will take place indoors at GameStart 2016. Details are still being worked out, but the race will take place at 11am on 8 and 9 Oct, and the competitor with the fastest timing will bring home their own Secretlab gaming chair!

And in case you’re wondering about the full capabilities of the Secretlab Omega chair, we’ve got you covered.

Those who are a little too afraid to kickstart their own victory lap can also take part in the lucky draw, where 3 Secretlab chairs that will be given away during the daily lucky draw (check out the full details here).


Left: Secretlab Omega, Right: Secretlab Throne V2

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