No Game Purchase Needed; Steam’s Remote Play Allows Friends To Join In With A Single URL

Steam has extended its Remote Play Together feature making it easier for players to use. Valve Corp, the creator of Steam, announced recently that users of the service may now invite anyone to play with them just by using a URL.

Friends invited to play would not need to have a Steam account, however, they are required to have Steam Client (Linux, MacOS, or Windows PC) or the Steam Link app (Android, iOS). Only the host would need to own the game and have it installed while their guests play along.

The Steam Remote Play Together feature was released back in November 2019 where it supports at least four (in some cases more) players to play any multiplayer games with their friends through a shared screen or two separate ones. Additionally, with single-player-only games, Steam Remote Play allows players to pass controls among themselves similar to how they would in real-life situations.

Steam will be holding a sale and streaming event on 25 March showcasing Remote Play Together in action with the newly added link share feature. A news release from Valve Corp said that stream hosts will be sharing links in Youtube, Twitch and Steam chats to enable the public to join in the fun. The event begins at 10 am, on Thursday PDT.