Cult Classic JRPG EarthBound Brings Its Quirky Humour To The Nintendo Switch

EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound, the cult classic JRPGs with a distinctive aesthetic, are now part of the Nintendo Switch Online catalogue. For fans waiting to relive their adventures on modern consoles, this good news comes via the latest Nintendo Direct earlier today.

The JRPG series is also known as the Mother series in Japan, with EarthBound Beginnings first releasing on the Famicom in 1989, followed by EarthBound on the SNES in 1994. The latter in particular became a cult hit due to its offbeat storyline and characters, being a JRPG set in the then-modern world rather than a high fantasy setting.

Rather than the familiar gallery of fantasy monsters, players fight against arcade bullies, skater punks, and bizarre threats that look more like caricatures of monsters.


EarthBound itself has been re-released multiple times, such as on the SNES Classic in 2017. For JRPG fans, it’s a treat to be able to play both Earthbound games on the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, one day there will be an official English release of Mother 3, the third game in the series that never saw a release outside of Japan.

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