Next ‘Call of Duty’ 2024 Set As Gulf War Era Black Ops Game

From a string of leaks earlier this year to a now official confirmation, Call of Duty fans have much to look forward to for the game’s Black Ops 2024 installment.

In a recent report, Windows Central revealed the upcoming Call of Duty game to be the newest addition to the Black Ops franchise, set against the backdrop of the Gulf War.

While its official name has yet to be decided upon internally, the game is said to explore “nuanced” narratives, including depicting political aftermaths across the world and the different perspectives of the participants in the war.

On the gameplay end, the report points out that maps from the Black Ops franchise will be returning, such as Grind and WMD, while the round-based zombie mode apparently also will be making a comeback.

Black Ops

In a departure from recent trends, the report indicates that the game is shifting back to traditional military combat tech, stepping away from futuristic elements that have appeared throughout recent titles from the game series.

The most recent instance that comes to mind includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, which has garnered controversy within its player base for its addition of futuristic weapons and gadgets

At present, the game is scheduled to launch next year, within its usual timeframe between late fall to early winter. Activision is reportedly considering significant pre-order bonuses, which potentially include up to weeks of early access to the game.