New Harry Potter X Pandora Collection Charms Are Disarmingly Pretty, Launches In Singapore This July

In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, we learn that there is a plethora of magic from various schools of spellcasting, including Transfiguration, Jinxes, Hexes, Curses, and Charms. Speaking of charms, Danish jewellery maker Pandora has teamed up with Warner Bros. once more to release a host of new charms for both wizards/witches and Muggles alike.

The company has announced new entries in the Harry Potter X Pandora collection, which will launch in Singapore on 16 July 2020. The new additions features six new Harry Potter-inspired charms, which include various elements from the movies by Warner Bros.

The designs include Harry’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts, which is engraved with the iconic “Mr. H. Potter, the Cupboard under the Stairs, 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey“, as well as the Deathly Hallows, and even his equally-iconic pet snowy owl, Hedwig. And of course, one can mix and match these individual charms to create their own spellbinding set of jewellery.

Prices start from S$69, and include:

  1. Harry Potter, Glasses, Nimbus 2000 & Lightning Bolt Dangle Charm (S$99)
  2. Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows Dangle Charm (S$89)
  3. Harry Potter, Openwork Harry Potter Icons Charm (S$89)
  4. Harry Potter, Hedwig Owl Dangle Charm (S$89)
  5. Harry Potter, Sorting Hat Charm (S$69)
  6. Harry Potter, Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Dangle Charm (S$89)

The Harry Potter X Pandora collection will launch in Singapore on 16 July 2020 at all Pandora stores islandwide and on the online Pandora store as well.