Netflix’s ‘Pokémon Concierge’ Gets More Episodes

Missed the idyllic, feel-good charm of the Pokémon Resort? Netflix’s Pokémon Concierge is extending its stay with more episodes on the way after the stop-motion animated series captivated audiences worldwide.

Pokémon Concierge more episodes

The adventures of Haru, the new concierge at the Pokémon Resort, will continue as she gets to meet more Pokémon — we’ve seen Magikarp/Gyarados, Psyduck, and Pikachu having their time in the spotlight, and various other Pokémon might be making an appearance in more Pokémon Concierge episodes.

“Because it’s on an island and we are near water, there are a lot of water-type Pokémon that appeared,” said producer Hidenaga Katakami in an interview with Variety. “In the future, maybe we’ll have some more water-type Pokémon, but at the same time, maybe it’ll be interesting if you do the opposite. For example, electric-type are not really good near water, but maybe it’s interesting if you bring them to a water-rich environment and see how they react.”

Pokémon Concierge more episodes

The news was announced on Pokémon’s X/Twitter account, with an accompanying illustration by artist Haru Ogawa of protagonist Haru fixing up a toy Psyduck as her Psyduck partner curiously watches.

New episodes for the series are now in production, which previously released four 15-minute episodes on Netflix.