Netflix’s ‘City Hunter’ Gets First Teaser Trailer

The gritty underworld of Shinjuku comes to life in Netflix’s City Hunter, the first Japanese live-action adaptation film of the highly-acclaimed manga series which also inspired an anime. The new series joins other past live-action adaptations, including a Hong Kong theatrical film and a Korean TV series.

Ryohei Suzuki ( Egoist ) stars as number one “sweeper” Ryo Saeba, who cleans up trouble in the underworld, on a thrilling, action-packed adventure in modern-day Shinjuku. Saeba is many things: exceptional marksman, hopeless playboy, and private eye, but he’ll have to put his wits to the test and ally with his late partner’s sister, Kaori (Misato Morita), to investigate a death.

netflix city hunter

While Saeba’s perverse nature and comedic moments from the trailer with the accompanying soundtrack seem to be on brand, the trailer doesn’t give away too much with its action scenes, or Kaori in action as his partner. We do see the iconic red Astin Cooper that Saeba drives make an appearance, as he cruises through the streets of Shinjuku.

Anime watchers might recognise the show’s ending theme, which was teased to be an remixed version of Get Wild from the original anime’s ending theme, titled ‘Get Wild Continual’.

We’re excited to see how the Netflix live-adaptation version lives up to the manga and anime, and we’ll be streaming City Hunter when it releases on Netflix on 25 April 2024!