Netflix Upgrades Parental Control Features With More Security Options

With much of the world being confined to homes, Netflix viewership is set to skyrocket, including that of the younger age group. As of 8 April 2020, parents will be able to monitor their children’s viewing activity with more options, as the streaming giant introduced upgrades and improvements to its existing parental control features.

According to Netflix, the changes have been reflected to the following:

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  • KIDS profile: All Netflix accounts come with one default KIDS profile. You can create more from ‘Manage Profiles’. Launch the KIDS profile to discover children-friendly content and a unique kids interface.
  • Profile hub: Controls are now available for every profile. Head to account settings, and then ‘Profile and Parental Controls’, to customise controls for each.
  • Profile lock: Lock each profile using a unique 4-digit pin. To set one up, go to ‘Account’ and then ‘Profile and Parental Controls’ to change the Profile Lock setting.
  • Content restrictions: Within ‘Profile and Parental Controls’, automatically filter content within each profile with maturity ratings for different age groups. You may also restrict specific titles per profile. A pin can also be set to restrict shows and movies rated R21.
  • Turn off autoplay: Under playback settings, you have the option to turn off autoplay for select profiles, so that a deliberate action is required to start the next episode.
  • Viewing Activity: Within ‘Profile and Parental Controls’, you now have access to the complete Viewing History of every profile.

These changes give parents a greater degree of control, which may come in handy during this period of stay-at-home boredom. Still, it’s always important to strike a balance between choice of freedom and strictness, but hey, anything works if the child is a happy one.