Netflix Top 10: ‘3 Body Problem’ & ‘Heart of the Hunter’ Reign Supreme

Netflix has recently witnessed a surge in viewership with its latest releases captivating audiences globally. This week, the spotlight shifted towards tales spanning various eras, intricate mysteries, and the return of an assassin in action, with 3 Body Problem and Heart of the Hunter emerging as the front-runners among the streaming giant’s offerings.

3 Body Problem led the charge on the English language television chart, outpacing other popular titles like The Gentlemen and Buying Beverly Hills. This adaptation of Liu Cixin’s renowned novel was brought to the small screen by the dynamic duo David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, alongside Alexander Woo. The series introduces viewers to the world of Ye Wenjie (portrayed by Rosalind Chao), an astrophysicist grappling with a personal tragedy against the backdrop of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

The series not only topped the English TV List but also became the week’s most-watched title with significant global discussion, particularly around a pivotal scene in Episode 5. Other notable entries include the docudrama Testament: The Story of Moses and the animated series Gabby’s Dollhouse.

In English language films, Heart of the Hunter clinched the top position, surpassing the Lindsay Lohan-led Irish Wish and Millie Bobby Brown’s Damsel. Directed by Mandla Dube, the movie delves into the life of Zuko Khumalo (played by Bonko Khoza), a former assassin drawn back into the underworld by a conspiracy at the core of the South African government.

Both titles have resonated well with audiences, racking up 15.6 million and 11 million global views respectively. As summer approaches, Netflix is gearing up for the launch of Bridgerton Season 3, among other eagerly awaited releases.

3 Body Problem

The non-English segments also saw impressive viewership, with French thriller The Wages of Fear, the Korean series Queen of Tears, and the second season of Physical: 100 dominating their respective categories.

This remarkable viewership underscores Netflix’s continued dominance in the streaming landscape, showcasing a diverse range of content that appeals to global audiences.