Netflix Shuts Down Its Services In Russia

As entertainment conglomerates like Disney and Warner Bros halt major releases in Russia, streaming service Netflix has decided to shut down its services entirely. This is due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a spokesperson for Netflix said.

Netflix is somewhat new to the country, having launched its services in 2016. The service has a relatively small presence, with roughly one million subscribers. Prior to shutting down its services, Netflix had four Russian originals in the works, including a crime thriller series directed by Dasha Zhuk. Netflix has also refused to carry 20 Russian free-to-air propaganda channels that it was required to host under Russian law.


Netflix will definitely not be the last major company to cut ties with Russia as the country’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine has caused a humanitarian and refugee crisis. Fears of a nuclear conflict are also rising.

Outside of the film and entertainment industry, game developers like 11 bit studios are also lending a hand by donating all profits from the sale of their survival game This War of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Readers who are keen to donate and support Ukrainians affected by the war can do so by donating to humanitarian aid organisations such as Save the ChildrenUNICEFProject HOPEDirect ReliefVoices of ChildrenInternational Rescue Committee.