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Netflix Seeks Elite Talent For AAA PC Video Game At LA Studio

The giant streaming platform that is Netflix has certainly been busy, providing users with plenty of entertainment when it comes to shows and movies. However, that is not all the company is doing, especially when it has made a concerted effort to expand into gaming. Beyond adapting the likes of The Witcher and Gears of War, Netflix is also aiming to develop “a brand-new AAA PC game” at its new LA studio, which is led by former Overwatch boss Chacko Sonny.

In order to make that a reality, the company is seeking more talent to join Sonny. This includes a new game director, who has “experience with FPS and/or third-person shooter games” and “extensive experience working on live service games”. Knowledge of Unreal Engine is key, as do experience with “social systems” and “cooperative and competitive” gameplay.

Netflix Games Chacko Sonny
Chacko Sonny

And to hammer home the point that the next Netflix game needs to be of high quality, the game director must possess at least “10 years of game design experience, including experience as a Creative Director, Game Director, or comparable design leadership role.”

For players worried about microtransactions or in-app purchases, the new AAA title will likely not feature any of that, if the job listing is to be believed. Other positions, such as technical director, art director, lead engineer, and live service analyst, are also open.

As for the head, Chacko Sonny, he was officially unveiled as the leader of the new LA studio for Netflix last month and is set to help redefine what games mean for the platform. Before working on Overwatch at Blizzard, Sonny held other senior roles at Sony Santa Monica and Activision-owned Beachhead. He was also the founder, creative director and CFO at Savage Entertainment for 12 years.

“He could have done anything, but he chose to come here,” said Mike Verdu, vice president for games at Netflix. “We are building a team around him and looking to him to help reinvent what games can be. You don’t get people like that coming to your organisation to build the next big thing in gaming unless there’s a sense that we’re really in it for the long haul and in it for the right reasons.”